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To join in the efforts of social distancing and play our part in protecting our Boston community, we are CLOSED until May 4th (pending re-evaluation). Please stay safe and know that you are in our hearts during this time.

Our Figures

Come face-to-face with history makers, hometown heroes, and cherished celebrities!

With more than a dozen themed galleries and over 100 sculpted figures, New England’s premier wax museum is dedicated to educating and entertaining each guest that visits.


Works of Art

Each figure displayed in our museum is a unique work of art and involves several months of planning, research, and development. Our artists and sculptors are among the most experienced in the world.

Each precious work of art takes an average of 6 months to produce, and sometimes longer depending on the level of complexity. Over 200 photographs and 200 measurements are taken. The figure may require up to 20 artists to complete. Once the head has been created, each hair is manually implanted, and then several thin layers of paint are added, over a period of weeks, to provide the correct absorption to reach the desired skin tone. The most advanced materials are used, from real human hair to surgical prosthetics to porcelain teeth. In the past, all figures were made using beeswax.


Modern Sculptures

Over the years, new composite materials have emerged. Today, derivatives are now being produced, and materials blended, including petroleum-derived wax, to provide greater durability, longevity, strength, and realism.

You may find that some of the figures represented appear younger or older than expected. This is all part of the experience. Just like real human beings, looks change with age. The figure’s age is chosen and depicted by the artist at the time it is sculpted.



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